Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your school have financial assistance to help pay for tuition and fees?

A: Yes, Lebanon College is approved by the United States Department of Education to participate in Federal Student Aid programs. We participate in the Pell Grant and Direct Loan programs. In addition, the school offers in house financing with 0% interest while in school and attractive interest rates once you graduate.

Q: Are books and equipment included in your tuition?

A: Absolutely! You will receive your books on your first or second day of school. During Level One (The Basics) we provide you with a school kit. Then at approximately 450-500 hours you receive your own. Our kits meet industry standards, while not breaking your piggy bank. Just know that your student kit can and will take you into your salon career.

Q: Do I get to learn about different product lines, or do I only get to learn one?

A: Our school is focused and passionate about education. We are not in the product sales business, and it is important to have a good understanding of different products. There are SO MANY out there, why be limited to only one? Currently, for our color and other client chemical services we use Alfaparf Milano, Pravana, and Matrix. When it comes to retail and client services some of our favorites include: U-Smooth, Alfaparf Milano, ColorProof, Matrix, Amika, Paul Mitchell and Keratin Complex.

Q: As a student do we meet national guest artists?

A: Yes you do! In fact, our last national guest artist was Mathew Davison, an industry icon with U-Smooth! Not only did students get to meet him and watch him perform on stage, they got to work hand in hand with him on our student salon!

Q: Do you help me find a job when I finish?

A: Absolutely we do! Even more exciting most of our graduates have jobs lined up a couple weeks before or after they graduate.

Q: What cutting system do you teach?

A: We teach Pivot Point techniques which is the world leader in hair and beauty education. You’ll learn techniques that are taught in over 150 countries. This system will challenge you and set you apart from the average hairstylist. The education you receive will transform you into a true artist and professional.

Q: How do you help me with the business side of the beauty industry?

A: We accomplish this in many different ways! The business section of our curriculum will help to prepare you for success in the industry. The clinic floor is structured to help prepare you for success. Nearly every aspect of school is build around things you will encounter in a salon environment.

Q: I struggled in high school. How difficult are the tests and classes?

A: If you have special concerns or struggles about testing, reading, etc., you’re not alone. We encourage students to always speak with an educator. Chances are we have helped a student just like you. Our textbooks and learning aids are taught with the Seven Mind Frames of Learning, these are proven methods of increasing brain-power. Inaddition, Lebanon College has an integrated on-line learning environment called LAB (Learn About Beauty). There is no other platform like it. Lebanon College’s LAB is easy to use and contains all the features necessary to capture your attention, inspire creativity, and allow you to share your experiences with other students. If you can navigate Face book- you’ll do awesome with LAB!

Q: May I transfer from another school?

A: We always recommend students finish what they start, even if that means it is with another school. However, sometimes this is not an option and we understand that. If transferring is the only option you will need to insure you are in good standing with the previous school, this may include seeing that prior financial commitments have been taken care of. We have a complete policy on this so please ask and we will provide you with a copy.

Q: What if I need time off? My parents scheduled a family vacation three months from now. Will I have to wait until after the vacation to start?

A: We strongly encourage you to maintain good attendance and really devote yourself to school so you get the most out of your education. We also understand you certainly don’t want to put your new career off another 3 or 4 months. So, for things like a planned vacation or “life” related circumstances the school offers Leave of Absences. The school has a complete policy on LOA’s which explains when they can be used and for how long, etc.

Q: Who are the clients?

A: We have both request and walk-in clients, who require services from your course of study. We encourage you to build a clientele with your family, friends, and return clients. Our program will allow you to learn how to build and maintain a clientele. The building and maintenance of a clientele is a huge factor for your success in the Beauty Industry. In fact, future salon owners/managers are impressed when a recent graduate has maintained a clientele while in school.

Q: How much money will I make once I graduate?

A: This is a loaded question. It depends on how hard or how little you want to work and what your expectations are. Some graduates entering the field want to do so on a part-time basis, while other graduates want to make as much money as they can and go full throttle. So it all depends on many different factors. Based on a study by NACCAS, Missouri’s average income for a cosmetologist is $30,358 per year.

Q: Are all schools the same?

A: Absolutely not! That would be like saying all restaurants are the same. Have you ever had a bad steak? Have you ever had a good steak? Like us, we bet you've had both. Seriously though, schools are different -just like any other business. They each have their own focus and what’s important to them.

Q: I read somewhere that your school teaches to the industry and not to the state board, can you explain?

A: What we mean by this statement is this. The state board exam is a onetime exam you MUST pass in order to become licensed. As long as you maintain state licensure and don’t move out of Missouri you’ll never have to take it again. All though we do prepare you to take the state board exam, it’s not our focus. Our focus is your success in the industry by teaching information, techniques, and mannerisms that are conducive to this industry.

Q: Why is your school open on Saturdays? The other school I’m looking at is Monday thru Friday?

A: That’s easy! Most salons and spas are open on Saturdays and expect their employees to work Saturdays as well. Lebanon College teaches mannerisms that are conducive to the industry or “real world” which includes Saturdays.

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